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We are a young company from Hamburg that has set itself the task of fighting slippy controllers. After endless sessions with sweaty hands in front of the console, we started looking for a product that could solve this problem. We tested one by one, but none of the products were satisfying, especially when it came to slip safety and dry hands. So we got down to work and started to develop the perfect grip. The search for a solution began by testing a wide variety of fabrics and material until we finally found the suitable 2 components. Together with the Scheroschneiderei located at the Gänsemarkt in Hamburg, we perfectioned the cut and fit until we were finally satisfied and the smartgrip was born. The perfect grip from gamers for gamers! who doesn’t recognize the situation?!? You are close to the decisive boss fight or you are in a nerve-wrecking multiplayer session and your hands are so wet that you have to wipe them off your pants first. We have made it our premise to solve exactly this problem because there is nothing worse than losing grip in a wild battle or a heated FIFA match.